vCenter HA: License vCenter

This post is part of a series on deploying Highly Available vCenter and Platform Services Controllers.

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Part 7: vCenter HA: License vCenter

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Part 10: vCenter HA: Add and Configure Distributed Switches

Part 11: vCenter HA: Configure vCenter HA

Part 12+: Advanced Tasks (Coming soon)


Now that vCenter is deployed, we need to go ahead and license it.

Open your browser to https://vcenterfqdn/.

Click vSphere Web Client (Flash).

You will see the alert at the top stating that you are running on an expiring license.

Click Manage your licenses.

Click the green +.

Enter your license key.

Click Next.

Enter a name for the license key. Its always good to be organized.

Click Finish.

Your license has now been added.

Click Assets.

Click on the vCenter.

Click All actions.

Click Enter license.


Select the radio button for your license.

Click OK.

Your vCenter now has a license.

Click the Home button at the top.

Now you are at the main vCenter page and everything is working properly. We will go into adding hosts and clusters in the next post.


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