vCenter HA: Add and Configure Datastores and Datastore Clusters

This post is part of a series on deploying Highly Available vCenter and Platform Services Controllers.

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Part 12+: Advanced Tasks (Coming soon)


We now have our hosts configured in a cluster. Here we are going to create a datastore as well as a datastore cluster.

From the home page in the web client, click Hosts and Clusters.

Right click on one of the hosts, Select Storage and click New Datastore.

You may need to Rescan Storage if you have recently provisioned new LUNs to the hosts.

Using the radio buttons, make sure that VMFS is selected.

Click Next.

Enter a datastore name.

Select the LUN to use for the datastore.

*** NOTE: There may be more LUNs present so make sure that you select the correct one. You can correct the LUN ID with your array manager.

Click Next.

Select VMFS 6 for 6.5 hosts or VMFS 5 for 6.0 or earlier.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

Click the gray block to access the Storage tab.

Here you will see a list of all of your datastores.

Right click on the Datacenter and select Storage then click New Datastore Cluster.

Enter a name for the Datastore Cluster.

Click Next.

Select the radio button for fully automated.

Click Next.

Set these as necessary for your environment.

Click Next.

Under the clusters tab, check the box next to your Datacenter.

Click Next.

Check the boxes for the datastores that you want to be included in the datastore cluster.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

You now have a datastore cluster ready to go.


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